Amanda Nelson
Middleton, WI

Car Wash Mitt

Item #: 308030
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The two-sided Car Wash Mitt has nubby chenille microfiber on one side and sponge layer microfiber on the other to collect dirt and debris. It washes out easily with just a quick rinse, and the handy loop facilitates quick drying.

23 cm x 17 cm / 9.06" x 6.69"


Using chemicals to get your car clean isn’t good for you or the environment. In addition, you (or a car wash facility) could risk scratching your car if the wrong tools are used. Regular cotton cloths and towels aren’t a good option because they can’t pick up as much dirt, which means you may have to use several of them— and lots of water—to do the job well.


The Car Wash Mitt gets your car clean and streak-free without scratching, using just one bucket of water. The thick chenille microfiber gently lifts dirt and grime up high and away from your car’s surface. And no harmful chemicals are washed into storm drains, which means a healthier environment for us all.