Amanda Nelson
Middleton, WI

Makeup Removal Cloth Set

Item #: 306100
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Remove makeup, eyeliner and even mascara without soap or cleansers. Just moisten one of these soft, suede cloths with warm water and gently wipe face upward and outward. Perfect for all skin types, including irritated, mature, oily or sensitive skin.
3 Cloths per package:  blue, green and purple
Size: 20cm x 20cm / 8” x 8”


Facial cleansing products can zap your skin of moisture, making it look older. They can also irritate sensitive skin and can even cause flareups in those prone to eczema. So how can you cleanse facial skin gently and effectively, without resorting to harsh products or going to a lot of expense?


Cleanse delicate facial skin, and even remove eye makeup, using just water and our Makeup Removal Cloths. Instead of opting for expensive scrubs and cleansers that can over-dry and irritate your skin, cleanse it gently yet effectively with these super-soft microfiber cloths.